Our Journey

We initiated our journey of revolutionising the world around us in 2009, with the establishment of Swapnica Exim. Since then, we have been facilitating global trade opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, catering to diverse needs and markets around the world.
Within a short span of time, we achieved international recognition and managed to earn trust in the global business community. Today, we have emerged as a goal-driven company collaborating with some of the world’s leading tech experts and finest interior design groups to bring users the most fulfilling and enriching living experience. Our assorted collection of wardrobes, wooden doors and floorings, and modular kitchens and bathrooms is an embodiment of supreme quality and quest for excellence in all our work.

Our Philosophy

From the age of cavemen to Medieval Artisans followed by the Early Industrialist era and thus the Modern economy that we live in today, there has been a fundamental catalyst that spurred the scientific advancement of civilisation in our world. It is the single indispensable element that has driven the force of growth and evolution. That element is called idea. It was an idea that pushed the primordial caveman to tame fire, fabricate clothing, and build homes.

We know that the present day world has become increasingly tech oriented, and is simultaneously laden with a slew of ecological crises. In this day and wake, our idea is to procure and deliver state-of-the-art products to the people that foster well-being and simplify their lives, whilst preserving our natural environment for a more sustainable future.

Our Vision

To become an essential driving force that propels the wheel of sustainable economic development. We strive towards building a future that is greener and brighter, one that promises immense opportunities to each and every individual of our planet.

We are also dedicated towards becoming a name that recalls a sense of trust and ease in the minds of our customers and stakeholders whenever they come across our products or company profile.

Our Mission

To create an ecosystem that makes our products relatable, reachable and retainable to the people, locally and globally.

We resolve to move forward in a synchronized structure, leaving an indelible impression on the world with our products, vision and CSR projects. Through our business, we aim to inspire and implement solutions for the growth of the weaker sections of our society.

Our Values

We believe that our values are what guide us – they reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company.

Honouring Relationships and Our Word

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in the lives of all our clients and their businesses, our vendors and distributors, our society and most importantly, our planet. Above all, we honour our word and are willing to be personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.

Embracing Innovation Everyday

We believe that innovation is a practice that we bring in to work everyday. It empowers us to put in relentless efforts, ensuring that we deliver premium value to our customers.

Nurturing Excellence to Achieve Our Goals

Each one of us as individuals, and the organisation as a whole, exhibits a strong will to excel – always operating out of our comfort zone to achieve results we can be proud of.

Respecting the Team and their Work

Our strength lies in our people. We work together, to create an environment that encourages individuals to learn and grow – professionally and personally – where each individual is pushed to perform at their fullest potential.

Bringing Love to All We Do

With utmost regard for all stakeholders and the environment, we believe that love trumps all emotion and use it as our guiding light in the way we are and the work we do.