Introducing In’Flector

Inflector Solar Shades is a unique energy saving product that acts as a solar filtering, reflective thermal shade. It can reflect or absorb solar heat and blocks 90% UV rays stabilising the indoor temperature and providing a safer environment to live.

Key Highlights:

    • They significantly reduce energy costs.
    • INFLECTOR blocks 92% harmful UV rays of the sun and optimises your room for a comforting temperature in the extremes of Summer
    • The INFLECTOR itself can be reversed to act as a passive solar heat source for all windows facing the sun which provides heat in climates of colder areas.
    • Reduces solar and reflective glare & blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays.
      INFLECTOR improves the energy performance of a single pane window by over 70%.
    • INFLECTOR also improves the energy performance of a double or insulated glass window by over 40%

What is an In’Flector Window Insulator

The IN’FLECTOR see thru radiant barrier insulating panel for windows, skylights, and doors is reversible, so the reflective surface can face outward during the seasons when solar gain is a problem, and the solar loading surface can face outward during cold seasons to reflect heat back into the building and collect convective sunlight for conversion to radiant heat. The panel is held in place with magnets which form a virtually air tight seal and inhibits infiltration, conduction and convection while providing additional dead air space for insulation

In’Flector Thermal Solar Barrier

Solar Heat Test Demonstration

In’Flector Testing

In’Flector – Different Types of Installation

How to make an In’Flector Panel

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How to make an In’Flector Window Shade