PROMA Door Catalog

Proma is a leading European manufacturer of internal doors and factory finished doorsets. Founded in 1989, Proma’s pursuit for the finest quality, innovation and world class customer service has recognised them with a title of Spain’s best rated door manufacturers.

Although only founded in 1989 Proma’s pursuit for quality, innovation and service has allowed us to become one of Spain ́s best rated door manufacturers (Dun & Bradstreet) while at the same time allowing us to build an important presence in International markets. This has included high profile projects in the British Isles and a presence as far afield as Hong Kong and Japan.

Proma’s current major export markets include the British Isles, where we are a respected name in the trade, and other destinations worldwide.


    • PROMA factory area of infrastructure, plant and machinery, production capacity.
    • Factory floor area : 57.000 m2 on site of 100.000 m2 and production capacity with full shifts : 70.000 units per month.
    • Proma infrastructure includes production of doorleaves in natural veneers, CPLveneers and painted Proma Mouldings, production of frames, architraves and skirtings. 
    • Proma Prefininshing: Varnish lines for flush and panel doors, paint lines and assembly of doorsets.
    • Avant Garde Machinery includes German (Itomag, Cefla, Jousting, Friz, Itesseman), Italian (Siminpianti, Celaschi, Sergiani, Dellavedova) and Spanish (Berriak).

Key Highlights:

SOLID INERT CORE and SOLID WOOD LIPPING : PROMA doors are solid core so will not bend and twist with humidity or time. Furthermore the door is lipped with 20mm solid timber around the WHOLE perimeter and this extends to the core.

QUALITY CONTROL : PROMA is ISO Certified and our doors are produced to European quality standard EN. The supervising body for normalization and certification is AENOR

and our doors are tested at labs of the Spanish Wood Industry Technical Investigation Association (AITIM). PROMA doors are tested every 6 months at the official lab to ensure maintenance of standards and each week at the factory lab.

HUMIDITY : We know this is an important issue as per Industry standards but for PROMA, this is an area of strength as our doors have been sold and installed without problems over 2 decades in humid climates all over the world, from higher temperature regions for example in Hong Kong and Japan (our doors are in whole of famous Fairlane Tower) to colder regional areas  like in ireland, Scotland and Galicia (Spain). For example one of the EN tests in the lab is immersion of door leaf without varnish protection in 10mm of water for EIGHT hours and 24 hours later the door must show that dimensions are correct, there is no splitting and there is no divulgence.The specific EN norms and test procedures are : UNE 56-850 and UNE-803 section 35.

LOOKS : Even an economical door like the Vega 7000 range will look great because we use first-rate, selected veneers for all our doors. Whether a Proma is a simple model or a complex model we utilize top materials in our standard quality control. When you order factory varnished doors, Our product is inarguably the best done on state-of-the-art machinery.

SUSTAINABLE: As green certification becomes increasingly important the house builder can indicate to buyers that Proma doors are certified as sustainable production by PEFC, and for our workers we follow all strict norms and restrictions regarding the welfare and safety of our workers.

SERVICE: Our production works like clockwork so lead times are respected and clients products are dispatched punctually so builders can make adequate planning and avoid expenses of waiting for late shipments. We offer world class customer support all the year round because we believe in the product we make.

PUERTAS PROMA, Spain and SETS, India- Understanding the value behind proposition

OUR PRODUCTION FACILITY: Proma devotes special attention to investment in technology to improve its machinery and production quality. This investment allows you to be the forefront in the manufacturing process.

OUR DISTRIBUTION: Our extensive network of distributors, strategically located throughout the national territory ensures fast and efficient service. Also, Proma has distributors in several countries in the European Union (England, Ireland, Scotland, Portugal and Hong Kong), as well as in the rest of the world (Japan, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Iceland & India…) with the prospect of opening new markets in other countries.

OUR ENVIRONMENT: The Increasing demand for better service in line with society, nature and environment, conditions for companies to commit to production processes and services oriented towards environmental management system (EMS). PROMA has conducted a study of Diagnosis and Environmental Assessment and has proposed setting an Environmental Policy.